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MPO and Ipercast create a joint venture
Face to the massive development of the video on the Internet, the control from beginning to end of the chain of distribution in multi-media line of contents became a strategic axis for any company seeking to play a part of foreground on this market. Accordingly, Ipercast, specialist in technical and protected management in the contents multimedia on line, and MPO, European independent leader in duplication, logistics, and the distribution of supports for the editors, announce the creation of a joint subsidiary specialized in numerical distribution, called MPO eMedia. The Joint Venture, held to 51% by MPO, wants to offer the only European complete solution of distribution of digital components for the whole of having the rights. Directed by Christophe Sonzogni, former manager for Real Networks EMEA, the new company put on a sales turnover of 10 million euros by 2010, and its strategy centers on a combination of services covering the whole of the chain of distribution, the encoding of the contents in format pivot with the tools for Reporting, while passing by storage in mode high availability and made safe, the distribution of the contents, transcribing multi channel (Web, television and Mobile) and the management of the royalties.

Ipercast and group AB launches Videoclick
Ipercast, specialist in the solutions of management and diffusion of Audio-video contents on the Internet, and BTV, Belgian subsidiary company of AB Groupe, are proud to inaugurate VideoClick, the first televised channel of contributive videos. The televiewer-Net surfers have from now on the possibility, from the site, to upload, view, mark and indicate the videos that they wish to see broadcast on channel LA4, accessible on the bouquets ABSat and NeufTV.

Jean-David Fogiel’s Interview
Within the framework of his recent lifting of funds from the companies of venture capital Siparex Ventures and OTC Asset Management, Jean-David Fogiel, Ipercast CEO, granted an interview to the Hebdo-Bourse Plus in which he details in particular the main activities of Ipercast on the market, the positioning of the guide and the evolution of the sector of the video on line.


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