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Ipercast and Global Interface have launched a new VOD’s DRM platform
Ipercast, major player in the flourishing sector of VOD technical platforms, has chosen the company Global Interface as a partner in the launching of a brand-new content security platform.

The Global Interface’s solution CSM (Content Secure Media) allows all multimedia content editors and right-holders to quantify their files on a distant server through a web access on ASP and to have then an access to a DRM system very affordable, whose cost is calculated on the basis of keys downloaded by the users.

Cerrone, Samsung, MPO eMedia and Ipercast revolutionize the uses of the numerical distribution
Samsung Mobile France, MPO eMedia, Ipercast and the artist Marc Cerrone are proud to open a new track in the market of the distribution of numerical goods, and to revolutionize the uses of mobile telephony. At the time of the thirtieth birthday of Marc Cerrone’s career, the last opus of the pioneer of the Disco music, “Celebrate”, will be indeed marketed in Mp3, without protection, on microSD 1 Go cards provided with the F-300 model of the Korean manufacturer, within four boxes Samsung - Bouygues Telecom available at the end of June 2007, during a four months period. By initiating the project and by deploying its expertise as regards solutions of distribution of digital components via its joint subsidiary company MPO eMedia, Ipercast made it possible Samsung to inaugurate a new axis of development combining technological performances and attractive contents. The result of this remarkable co-operation is a mobile experiment single and innovating, which initiates a new musical local distributor.

Production (of the Net surfers), lies and videos (on the Web, obviously…)
In response to the surge of sharing videos websites, with the ceaseless non-observance of the royalties inherent in this kind of platform, Jean-David Fogiel, Ipercast CEO, did an opinion column mentioned again in the Journal du Net and NetEco, in which he denounces excesses of certain players of contributive videos, calls into question the viability of their medium-term model and outlines the future of the video market on the Internet.

Ipercast finalizes its first lifting of funds
Ipercast, recognized market player of the management and the diffusion of Audio-Video contents on the Internet, announces the fence of a first turn of financing external for an amount of 2.5 million euros. Orchestrated by Aelios Finances, the lifting of funds is carried out by the companies of venture capital Siparex Ventures and OTC Asset Management. This decisive investment will make it possible the company to accelerate its strategy of international expansion, in particular in Germany, in England, in Canada, in Spain, in Italy and Scandinavia, and to develop its pole media by the acquisition of Web sites specialized in the video and the enrichment of its catalogue of contents.


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