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Ipercast and Global Interface have launched a new VOD’s DRM platform (...)

Cerrone, Samsung, MPO eMedia and Ipercast revolutionize the uses of the numerical distribution (...)

Production (of the Net surfers), lies and videos (on the Web, obviously…) (...)

Ipercast international’s main aim is to provide customers with the best quality and care in terms of tech services over all multimedia and IP devices.

The company is also developing a very scrupulous screening around to get the best quality and Multilanguage content all over the world.

The firm’s engagement goes even further: indeed the security of the content has also become a major concern to prevent from hacking and counterfeiting of copyrighted products.

The business models that Ipercast proposes can ensure a better collaboration and enhancement of the business facets involved for all our clients and prospects.

The vision of Ipercast International is to be a major audiovisual solutions provider in Europe and Canada.

Why are we concentrated in Europe?
Think global, act local! We are based in Europe and we want to provide our partners with the best local care. A focus on the initial goal is a fundamental success factor especially in very flexible markets like ours!

Ipercast international is a major player in the Audio Video services on all IP networks.
The company offers its technical servers and infrastructures to stream and exploit audio-visual productions.

Thanks to its expertise, Ipercast is now one of the main suppliers of DSL and IP solutions on all kind of devices, fixed and mobiles.

Ipercast also offers a wide range of extreme quality media content that can be dispatched through the various fixed and mobile media.

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